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In the last 6 months we have added Exosomes (Stem Cells) to our clinic services and PRP therapy. Exosomes involve joint injections, IV infusions, and Inhalation modes. PRP are for joint injections, hair loss. Exosomes and PRP are part of regenerative medicine which helps your body to build tissue matrix and potentially help with supporting your body in its healing.

Exosomes have been researched and studied around the world. These studies run the gambit between anecdotal or observational study's to Randomly controlled trials.

We have adjusted our costs as this is not covered under insurance. As of 10-19-20 we will be offering joint injections at 3,000 dollars for one joint and 2,500 dollars for each additional joint. Since infusion and inhalation therapy have less technically difficult, these are 2,00 dollars per infusion and inhalation.

What we add, that other services do not, is infusion of glutathione and Myers Cocktail. Both of these when given at time of injections and infusions help with building the matrix and reducing reactive oxygen species that contribute to inflammation.

We will keep these cost reasonable and affordable as long as we can. Currently we are able to obtain ReBellaXO Exosomes for a 2 for 1 cost and we are passing this savings on to our members.

There are financing options through Care Credit that we can discuss at time of consult.

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