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Less Heavy Subject: Air

To Our Community

What do we mean by air? Air is the first foundation of health. With out air we die in 6 minutes. It is not just about where you lived while growing up. Many in our community have grown up and lived in small towns and rural communities with low environmental toxins. Yet, agriculture communities with commercial farming can have environmental toxins as well. If living in urban environments then greater expectations of heavy metal load, asthma, chronic coughs and then again, no issue for some.

What fragrances do you use in your home? Products such as air freshers that are sprays or plug in? What about washing clothes in liquid detergents? Did you know that 75% of liquid detergents are water? So what are the solutions or alternatives?

Essential oils used 20 minutes per day in a diffuser can help. Using longer and you will become nose blind so use it but not to much. For laundry an organic alternative is Kosher Salt and White Vinegar. You heard that right, White Vinegar and Kosher Salt. In the drier, use a sock with lavender from your garden inside and clothes will come out lavender smelling without the mess. Or, don't use any thing and the clothes will be clean. I think if you weigh the cost, the Kosher Salt and White Vinegar at our local grocery store will be a bit less than detergent and you won't be absorbing chemicals through your skin that is added to detergents.

So questions during our assessments include the Foundations of Health which are Air, Water, Food, Exercise, Sleep, Sunlight, Emotional and Spiritual health. This is part of all of our initial member visits and is part of what medicine refers to as Review of Systems or ROS for short. So, you get the best of both worlds.

Western Medicine and Holistic Medicine should not be thought of as either or but used in combination together. If I am run over by a car, Don't give me Vitamin C, I want a trauma surgeon! If I have an acute illness, treat the illness and then look for WHY that sinus infection is present.

If I have a chronic disease then lets look for the causes, correct them and see if you truly need the medication you are taking. Not everybody will get off their medication but some actually can.



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